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Recurring Quests - Blueprint

When we need to accomplish recurring tasks, this task buster helps us feel more motivated weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Love our systems and want to understand how it works? We’ve broken down all of the parts that make up each component so that everyone has the ability to deconstruct, re-create, and extend their components as they wish.

What’s In This Component?

Each component is made up of databases, which is where the data is stored. Every entry in the database represents a new item of this component.


Recurring Quests


How the data is organized. We take advantage of properties to enhance our data definition - so that we can understand more about each entry.
Property Name
Hide Property
Name of the recurring task.
Always Show
Is this entry something you do weekly, monthly or quarterly?
Always Show
Day Of The Week
Which days of the week will this task be scheduled on? (Monday-Sunday)
Always Show
Today Check
If the day of the week is today, show the relevant entry as “✅ Today”
Always Show
Master / Tracker
Does this recurring quest serve a master / tracker?
Masters & Trackers
Hide When Empty
Does this recurring quest serve a project?
Success Plan
Always Show
Upstream (Sum)
Shows the upstream master / tracker or project that this recurring quest is related to.
Always Hide


How data and properties are auto-filled for common use cases.
Template Name
Properties Filled
Section 1
New Task
To keep track of what needs to be done.
- List

Synced Views

How the data can be presented for common use cases and distributed across your workspace.
Synced View
[Recurring Quests] At A Glance
See all your recurring quests at a glance and interact with them on a day by day basis.
- Today's Tasks (List) - Today's Tasks (First Week Of Month) (List) - Today's Tasks (First Week Of Quarter) (List) - Week View (Board)
[Recurring Quests] Weekly Recurring Quests
Manage your weekly recurring quests.
- Recurring This Week (Gallery)
[Recurring Quests] Quarterly Recurring Quests
Manage your quarterly recurring quests.
- Recurring This Quarter (Gallery)

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