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When should I use Do Dates vs Due Dates?

Why is there a do date and a due date property in my database?

Do dates are self-imposed deadlines with flexible timeline. When a project or assignment has a strict deadline, use due dates.

When Should I Use Do Dates?

You can use Do Dates on the day(s) you plan to get the task/work done. You can think of it as setting a time-bound appointment in your calendar, but more flexible. Do dates are useful for all types of success plan entries (Goals, Key Results, Projects, Tasks).

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Use end dates to set a date period for tasks that extend past a specific day to do things.

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You should always have a do date for all of your entries to compare when you wanted to work on something, which will then be compared against the closing date to see your punctuality on getting things done.


When Should I Use Due Dates?

When a project is time-sensitive, it is common practice to use a due date. This will ensure all your attention is on the task at hand and that it will be completed on time or earlier than the deadline.

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BONUS: Do, Defer, or Delegate?

When your due date and do dates are filled up, we have a special formula that helps you determine if this success plan entry should be done immediately, postponed, delegated, or even deleted.

We follow the Eisenhower framework to determine what’s urgent and important.

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