Thank you for investing in yourself. You are now the proud owner of a system that grows together with you as you progress on your grand adventure.

We put together this quick guide to help you get started on day 1.

The Foundation

When you first enter our system, you'll find enormous joy in being able to put all the concepts you've learned from self-development books, articles, and videos finally put into action. We want to help you understand the foundations behind how we've been able to distill our learnings into actionable templates, by sharing our way.

Step 1: Find your download package & duplicate

*If you ever want to re-duplicate a template, simply navigate to the link you first received in your email. We are working on an integrated dashboard where our patrons can always access the latest version of the templates. ETA Q3 2021.

Step 2: Set up the system with our step-by-step tutorials

Step 3: Join our class discussions

*All family members in our community can benefit from our weekly discussions and assignments! Our students will discuss their learnings after class, so the rest of the family can ask them questions and learn together.

Once you have gone through the foundation, and want to get started in your journey to expanding your knowledge and building your own system, start leveling up!

Level Up!

Our ultimate hope is that by learning our way, you find out your way and approach to take action on your learning. The system is fully modular and customizable - and we want you to take full ownership over your life system.

Step 1: Expand your use of the templates

  • Find more database views and see how databases connect with the backend

Step 2: Learn the fundamentals behind each system

  • Come into the academy to find detailed breakdowns for each template.

  • Help fellow community members by sharing what you know!

Step 3: Customize + Build your own systems

  • Join our Friday Live Builds to learn how we think about and build systems

  • Chat with fellow community members and build new templates together!

If you'd have any thoughts or feedback to improve this article, please enter your contributions via the chatbot on the bottom right of the screen.

Thank you for helping our family level up!

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