We've separated out the tutorial sections and the actual database so that you can have a streamlined onboarding experience with our system. This also makes it extremely easy for you to upgrade your systems and combine multiple packages.

How to find your backend resources

Option 1: If you have a specific database you're looking for, you can scroll to the bottom of each template found in the Build-Your-Own-System to find a direct link to the relevant system component.

Option 2: After duplicating your template package, scroll down to the Backend & Views and click on the link (highlighted with the red rectangle)

How to use

Scroll down, and click on the card for the system you would like learn more about.

Once you're in the specific page, you will see a page like this. Let's break down each component for your understanding.

First, you'll have a convenient link that takes you to the academy, where you will find more details about each component in the system. Each article takes around 2 hours to write, so we're still adding more resources every day as our resources grow!


Find relevant tutorial(s) from the Build-Your-Own-System that will help you initialize and set up your package.


Find pre-built dashboards that have a linked view to this template.


Find pre-made linked views that we find useful to view our database content. You can copy and paste these blocks to any page within your workspace to view and edit your content.


This is where we store the master databases for each template. Be very careful not to delete these, because this will break relations across your system and lead to undesired outcomes.

Fast Track Your Mastery

Learn the principles behind our systems with our 4-week boot camp designed to help you go from zero to hero with being intentional and gamifying your life.

If you'd like a personalized approach, we offer 1-on-1 support with setting up your system from scratch and customization of your system to fit your unique life.

If you'd have any thoughts or feedback to improve this article, please enter your contributions via the chatbot on the bottom right of the screen.

Thank you for helping our family level up!

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