We've all found ourselves in states where we feel like we have lost control over our lives. In such moments, we fall to the level of our habits, or in other words - our systems. Thus, we want to create processes that help pick us up when we fall down - and help us pursue the path towards self-actualization.

L-CTRL is our systematic approach to being intentional, while enjoying life to the fullest. It is intended to help us build structured processes that help us continuously move forward, while ensuring we are working towards our bigger goals.

The system also helps us make work fun. By making work play, we are unlocking a reality where we are excited to work to produce meaningful results, and driven to work on our daily habits and personal goals.

What you get

L-CTRL is an exclusive system available for those who want to join a community of ambitious, like-minded people in the pursuit of meaning and purpose for a better life.

It's a subscription based package, in which active subscribers will get access to:

Full pre-built integration between the Be Intentional and Gamify Your Life.

When you duplicate the L-CTRL system, you get all the templates from both packages working seamlessly working together. If you have been a user of either packages, you simply need to migrate your data to L-CTRL.

Complimentary email training of select lessons from the LVL-UP Course.

Upon subscription, you will start receiving complimentary training to your email guiding you through your new package. If you accidently unsubscribe, just let us know - and we can start you on the mails again.

Quarterly updates for duplication of our latest enhancements and templates.

We push releases on the 1st week of every quarter so our patrons can conveniently improve their systems with the latest innovations built LIVE and off-camera. See what's coming up and what's included in the latest update in our update notes.

Encouragement from a family of like-minded givers in our community.

After you make payment for L-CTRL, check your email. You'll receive a form to apply to the community, which will give you priority in the waiting list.

Behind the scenes content and first access to our latest resources.

Once you're accepted into the community, you'll get access to a special space called the VIP Patron Space, which is for those who support our community via monthly/annual subscriptions, or have joined us as LVL-UP students.

Here, you'll get access to Behind The Scenes content and Patron Announcements.

Influence over the direction of our builds and content to fit your current needs.

In the community, we'll release polls and questions that will gauge what the community is looking for next to advance their growth journey. Stay engaged and active so we can develop more and more content for you!

If you'd have any thoughts or feedback to improve this article, please enter your contributions via the chatbot on the bottom right of the screen.

Thank you for helping our family level up!

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