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Why did we build this template?

  • We want a dependable network of trusted medical professionals

  • We don't want to forget what the doctors tell us to do

  • We want to intentionally recommend doctors to friends and family

What does it do?

  • Track doctors

  • Track doctor "homework"

  • Track doctor visits

  • Store critical health information

How does it work?

Doctors Database


  • Type (what is their specialty)

  • Preferred (pick your preferred doctor for a specialty)

  • Pricing (how much they charge)

  • Insurance Details

  • Opening hours

  • Contact information

  • Address

  • Visit Freq (how often should you visit?)

  • Notes

Special Properties

  • Recommended by = Relation to My Network (know who to follow up with)

  • Visits = Relation to Doctor Visits (to keep track of your appointments)

  • Last Visit = Rollup that calculates last time you visited the doctor

  • Special Events = Formula that communicates when it's time to visit

Calculation Properties

  • Visit Every? = Translate the visit freq multi-select to a number of days

  • Visit? = Calculates the difference from the visit freq and the last visited date

Recommended Views

  • Gallery (It is always nice to see your doctor's face)


  • New Doctor (pre-fills the following information)

Doctor Visits Database


  • Date of Visit

  • Type of Visit (walk-in, etc.)

  • Symptoms Presented

  • Body Parts Affected

  • Prognosis (the diagnosis)

  • Reviews/Feelings

  • Time Spent (Hours)

  • Documents

Special Properties

  • Doctor Visited = Relation to Doctor (know which doctor you visited)

  • Doctor Type = Rollup on Doctor Visit for Type

  • Assignment = Relation to Medical Assignments (homework the doctor gives)

  • # of days left = Rollup on days left for medical assignment completion

  • Next Appointment = Self-referential relation to schedule follow-ups

  • Previous Appointment = Automatically populates when next app is scheduled

Recommended Views

  • List view is nice because we can simply see the date of visit, the doctor we visited, and the type of doctor (to understand the purpose of visit)


  • New Visit (adds an icon)

Medical Assignments Database


  • Importance (how critical is this assignment)

  • Equipment / Medication (what do I need to do the assignment)

  • Times Per Day

  • # Of Days

Special Properties

  • Special Events = Formula that displays if the assignment is complete or not

  • Doctor Visit = Relation to Doctor Visit to track when the assignment was given

  • Days That I Did The Assignment = Relation to Daily Quests to track completion

Calculation Properties

  • Days Left = Formula to calculate how many days left to complete

  • Days Completed = Rollup from daily quest to calculate how many days completed

  • Latest Date Completed = Rollup from daily quests to see latest date of completion

Recommended Views

  • Gallery - Incomplete Assignments (see only special events)

  • Gallery - Recently Completed Assignments (see only special events)

Don't Panic! Database


  • Flare Up Frequency (how often does the ailment symptoms show)

  • Triggers (what pre-cursors generally happen)

  • Symptoms

  • First Aid (what can I do to soothe the problem)

Special Properties

  • Doctor Visits = Relation to Doctor Visits

  • Date of Doctor Visit = Rollup for the date of visit

My Health Dashboard


  • Have all your health requirements at one glance at the doctor's office

  • Ensure your loved ones know your medical history in case of emergencies

  • Get reminders for incomplete assignments and regular doctor visits

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