Reset your workspace by deleting data in your databases. You can specify to delete only demo data or remove all data - which also helps you reset your gold and experience if you are using L-CTRL or Gamify Your Life packages.

Step 1 - Choose The Database To Clean

Navigating to the root database by clicking on the arrow of any linked views.

Once you're there, look for views that have been pre-created.

[∞] All Views

  • Shows all the data in a table view with no filters so you can clear out all the data that exists in this database.

[∞] Delete Demo Data

  • Shows all the data in a table view with a filter that displays only entries created by Conrad, which is most likely all the demo data.

If there isn't a demo data view for the database that you're looking to clear data for yet, simply just make the view yourself with the filters mentioned above.

Step 2 - Delete Data

Selecting a row (click the 6 dots that show up when hovering on the left side of the row). Then, press CTRL / CMD + A on your keyboard to select all rows.


Then, press delete or backspace on your keyboard. to clear out the data.

Step 2.5 - Special Procedure For Daily Quests

For daily quests, if you clear out all your data, you will want to re-populate the database with the days for the quarter - otherwise, you have to make a new entry every day. See instructions for that here.

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