I started the course to create a conducive environment where our family could get the best experience possible in embracing the actionable systems we have created to put your learning into action today.

There are so many times when we go and pick up knowledge from books, seminars, courses, etc. and we come out of it motivated and inspired, but only for a short period of time. We are changing that with a novel approach that integrates knowledge, action, and community.

In this course, you'll learn how to discover the important areas in your life, set actionable plans on how to pursue your goals, and run full speed. See what some of our alumni from the first cohort had to say.

When you purchase the course, you get:

  • An extensive 4-week bootcamp starting on the first of every month;

  • Lifetime access to course materials, 20+ videos, and future updates;

  • Collaborative learning with a community of like-minded lifelong learners.

  • Unlock 1 year subscription to L-CTRL ($150 value!)

The 4-Week Bootcamp

Big Concepts We'll Tackle Together

W1 - Determining Your Purpose

W2 - Plan For Success

W3 - Find Your Rhythm

W4 - Conducting Review Cycles

Classes (Students Only)

Our students get access to live collaborative learning sessions with me every Monday at 8pm Eastern. They run for an hour, and we place heavy emphasis of going through student examples to provide everybody opportunities to learn from each other.

Each session follows this format

7:45 - Room opens for pre-class questions

8:00 - Class Starts: Theory

8:15 - Live Examples + Your Examples

8:30 - Brainstorm Together / Q&A

8:45 - Take Home Assignment

9:00 - End Class

Our students are always welcome to join future cohorts to refresh their knowledge, or to share their experience with new LVL-UP students.

Discussions (Open To All Members)

After class, it is highly encouraged to join the other students as well as the wider community in chatting about your learnings from the class and any questions you might have. I'm often quite active in the comments!

Assignments (Open To All Members)

The homework is self-paced, but it is required to complete your assignment before joining the next class. When you show your work, you get the chance to get feedback on your growth journey, and connect with others who may be on similar life paths.

Course Materials

As we go through the bootcamp, our students get access to 20+ training videos on being intentional, gamification, and notion wizardry. We upload new videos 2-3x a week based on the needs of our class for additional self-study.

However, I highly recommend finishing our bootcamp before diving into these videos, because I want to help you get a strong foundation and also learn where you need help most.

Community Learning

When you join the bootcamp, you also get access to the Co-x3 Family, a community of co-creators and collaborators. Explore our other channels to discuss topics related to productivity, growth, and learning.

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Thank you for helping our family level up!

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