As we strive towards self-actualization on our growth journeys, we can sometimes get stuck and demotivated. It may feel like nobody understands our weekly war, and every day seems like a constant battle.

We believe that the best way to be successful in your domain is to surround yourself with people who have already done the things that you want to do and are excited to share how with you.

Let's level up together.

You are the average of your 5 closest friends. If you spend time with people who are passionate and productive about achieving their goals, their behaviors will rub off on you as well.

For this effect, we've built an inclusive community of like-minded forward thinkers who are relentlessly passionate about productivity, growth, and learning.
It's a space designed to help our family of givers on their journey of living a better life through being intentional, making work fun, and optimizing for happiness.

What makes Co-x3 special?

  • It’s Ours. This community was built for you and gets better exponentially with each new member and their contributions.

  • Make Lifelong Friends. Constantly strive for improvement and share the journey with like-minded individuals fighting the same battles you are.

  • Bring Together Innovative Ideas. We love to find new ways to tackle everyday challenges, and we strive to improve our productivity, growth, and learning.

What you get

Once you're accepted into the family, you get exclusive access to...


  • Sunday Council Meetings to share about your week

  • Content Creation Saturdays to sit in on the creative process

  • Game Nights to relax and have fun with your family



  • Discussions about productivity, growth, and learning

  • Accountability via character progression

  • Community help desk for any template questions

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Thank you for helping our family level up!

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