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Why did we build this template?

  • We want to be able to break down our dreams of success into actionable chunks so that we can be methodical in our approach.

  • We want to be able to explain to others who can help us our true motivations and outcomes that we are striving for behind each action we take.

  • We want to have intense clarity over the work that we do and be realistic about how much effort goes into completing each project so can better estimate output.

What does it do?

  • Stores all of our goals, key results, projects, and tasks in one place

  • Filters and sorts the items that are most important to work on

  • Keeps track of wins to help us visualize our life progression with levels / gold

How does it work?

There are 3 versions of this template, based on the package that you have purchased. The core and special properties are present in all packages.

📦 Be Intentional has unique properties that help you plan better.

📦 Gamify Your Life has unique properties for gamification.

📦 L-CTRL will include both.

Core Properties

There are quite a few properties that you can take advantage of to further segment your success plan items, and these are listed in priority order so you know what you may want to fill out to have the most value out of the system.

Fill out these properties when you first create your success plan item.

  • Status = What stage is this item in?

Backlog = The work is not well defined

Ready To Start = Work on this on the next cycle

In Progress = Work in active progress

Blocked = Waiting on external dependencies

Complete = Work is complete

  • Type = Is it a goal, key result, project, or task?

  • Description = Can we describe this item in 1 sentence?

  • Impact = How much of an impact will this item have on your upstream?

  • Do Date = Self-imposed, internal deadline - when you will work on the item

  • Due Date = External deadline - when you have to hand it in, optional

  • Closing Date = When you completed the item

These properties help you prioritize.

Fill out these properties when you are deciding what to work on.

  • Focus = Is this an item you would like to focus on this cycle?

  • Priority (Tasks Only) = Between active quests, what priority does this item hold?

  • Timeblock (Tasks Only) = Between active quests, when will we work on it?

These properties help you categorize.

Fill out these properties for additional meta-data to help you segment your work. These are completely optional, and I only use them in specific scenarios.

  • Collaborators = Who else is working on this with you?

  • Sub-Type = Is it related to work, school, etc.?

  • Target # = Quantitative number to achieve

  • Completed # = How much you've completed

  • Student: Weightage = How much weightage is a specific assignment / test

  • Areas (Goals Only) = Selection to categorize which area the goal belongs to.

Special Properties

Self-Relations (Upstream, Downstream)

  • Governs the flow of complexity between success plan items.

  • Eg. In the diagram below, key results are downstream of goals.

Calculation Properties

  • Do, Defer, Or Delegate = Part of the inbox template. Helps you make a judgment call on how to handle the task at hand.

  • Details = Summarizes important information to be displayed in card/kanban views

  • Date Details = Specifically shows closing date + punctuality for reflection views.

  • Punctuality = Calculates punctuality based on do date and closing date.

  • Target Quarter = Translates the do date into a target quarter to work on the goal.

  • % Progress = Translates the status into a progress number.

  • Progress Bar = Translates the progress number into a progress bar.

  • Upstream (Sum) = Sums up all the upstream items into one property for display.

  • Upstream Focus? = Indicates if upstream items were indicated to be in focus.

  • Upstream Status = Indicates the status of upstream items.

  • Upstream Progress = Alerts if there are no upstream items.

  • Downstream Average = Rolls up the downstream progress into an average.

  • Downstream Progress Bar = Translates the downstream average into a bar.

  • Student: Weighted Average = Calculates weighted average of your marks.

  • Student: Downstream Sum = Sums up all downstream for a final mark

  • Created On = Date the item was created

  • Created By = Who the item was created by

Be Intentional Specific Properties

Available for L-CTRL and Be Intentional packages.

  • Areas / Values (Goals Only) = Relation to Area of Competence

  • Fears (Goals Only) = Relation to Fear Management

  • Research (Projects Only) = Relation to Knowledge Hub

  • Sub-Areas (Tasks Only) = Relation to the Area of Competence

  • Recurring Tasks (Projects Only) = Relation to Recurring Workflows

  • Energy (Tasks Only) = Relation to Energy Management

Gamification Specific Properties

Available for L-CTRL and Gamify Your Life packages.

  • Difficulty? = How difficult is the task at hand? This number dictates the multiplier that you should be rewarded by. For eg. if the tag was a 25 min task, and you indicated a difficulty of 3, this means that it took you 1.5 hours to complete.

  • Completed? = How much of the difficulty have you finished? For the example above, if you had completed 1 hour of work, then you would indicate that you have a completed number of 2.

  • Tags = Relation to Gamification Tags. Goals = Huge Wins, Key Results = Big Wins, Projects = (Blank), Tasks = 25 Min Tasks / 5 Min Tasks.


  • Difficulty # = Translates the difficulty selection into a number, only when complete.

  • Difficulty # (Stock) = Translates the difficulty selection into a number.

  • +/- = Modifier on the difficulty # depending on the punctuality.

  • Multiplier = Combining the difficulty number and the modifier.

  • Base Gold = Rollup on the expected base gold reward.

  • Reward = Displays the gold reward with the multipliers and modifiers.

  • Badge: Success Plan Complete = Example formula for badges.

Recommended Views / Dashboards

  • Monthly Review: Plan your goals / key results

  • Weekly Review: Plan your key results / projects

  • Daily Planning: Plan your tasks

  • Keep Life Simple: Work on your tasks

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