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Why did we build this template?

  • We want to take consistent daily actions that get us to where we want to go

  • We want to turn tiring, tedious daily routines into enjoyable and fun quests.

  • We want to hold meaningful reflections to continuously save our progress.

What does it do?

  • Keeps track of the daily habits that we have to do.

  • Gamifies the experience with progress bars and XP/gold rewards.

  • Meaningful prompts to help us bullet journal throughout the day.

  • Reflection properties to keep structured data about how our day went.

How does it work?

There are 3 versions of this template, based on the package that you have purchased. The core and special properties are present in all packages.

📦 Be Intentional has unique properties that help you reflect better.

📦 Gamify Your Life has unique properties for gamification.

📦 L-CTRL will include both.

The Architecture

  • Each row entry is a new date, and you can pull from our master database whenever you run out of dates in your workspace.

  • Each habit can be tracked via checkbox, text, or relational property.

  • When you modify habits (properties), it will affect all entries.

Special Properties

  • 🙌 Wake Up Time = Keeps track of the date and time of each entry. Add a time when you wake up so you can keep track of your sleeping patterns.

  • Properties indicated with an emoji are part of the daily quests and meant to be interacted with on a daily basis. eg. 🛏️ Make my Bed, 💧 Morning Water

Calculation Properties

  • > Morning/Mid-Day/Evening/Bedtime Progress = Visually displays the progress for each part of the day.

  • Output # = Translate intentionality into an output %

  • Sleep Well? = Indicates if you slept well or not (>8 hours)

  • Show? = We use this property in filters to easily show how many dates

  • Details = Shows the wake-up time in hh:mm A - ddd format

  • # of Habits = Summarizes the habits in each section

______ Multiplier

Checks which habits have been done for the day

  • For checkboxes habits: toNumber translates the ✅ into binary (1 or 0)

  • For text/relational habits: not empty translates filled properties into binary (1 or 0)

This adds up to a sum so that we know when the habits are filled out for the day.

# of ______ Habits

The number of habits in each section. We will divide by this to get the progress.

Reflection Properties

  • 3️⃣ Three Words = 3 words that describe how you felt about the day.

  • ❔ What did I do that I feel good about? = The highlight of your day.

  • 🤦‍♂️ Don't Make The Same Mistake Twice = The mistakes you've made.

  • 💬 Meaningful Convo = A meaningful conversation you had with your network.

  • ⭐ Intentional / 5 = How many tasks did you complete today from your quest list?

  • 🙏 Things I'm Grateful For = What are you grateful for today?

  • 😁 Happiness = What is your mood today?

  • ❔ What could I do tomorrow that is high leverage? = What will move the needle?

  • ❔ What do I want to sleep on? = What problem is keeping me up at night?

Be Intentional Specific Properties

Available for L-CTRL and Be Intentional packages.

  • Week = Relation to weekly review

  • Today's Energy = Relation to energy levels

  • Remaining Energy = Rollup for remaining energy for the day

  • Medical Assignment = Relation to medical assignment

Gamification Specific Properties

Available for L-CTRL and Gamify Your Life packages.

  • Item Purchased = Relation to item shop

  • > Loot Box = Indicates when reflections are complete to obtain loot box reward.

  • 🎲 Dice Roll = Enter your roll # into here.

  • Rarity Earned = Calculates the rarity of the loot box you have unlocked.

  • Choose Your Reward = Relates to loot box to pick your reward.

  • Reward Rarity = Looks up the reward rarity that you picked.

  • Reward Matches? = Checks if the reward rarity matches with what you earned.

  • Difficulty? = Checks if the completion % is over 70% (which is my first milestone) then output 1, otherwise if 100% completion, output 2. Determines how much gold you should earn for the day.

  • Tags = Relation to Gamification Tags. Each daily quest is a 25 Min Task.

How To Edit Your Daily Quests

Step 1: Show all properties by clicking on the toggle at the bottom of the properties.

Modifying existing daily quests (best option)

  • Simply change the name of the property, and everything will work as it should.

Editing property type of existing daily quests

  • If you are changing from a checkbox to a text/relation, change the appropriate section's multipler to switch from toNumber to not empty.

  • If you are changing from a text/relation to a checkbox, change the appropriate section's multipler to switch from not empty to toNumber.

Adding / removing daily quests from sections

  • Add or remove the code snippet from the appropriate section's multipler.

  • Add or remove a number from the section's # of habits.


Use the template New Daily Reflection (Today's 5) at the bottom of each daily quest to automatically generate meaningful prompts to get your day started.

Yesterday's Message In A Bottle

  • This shows you your entries for yesterday's daily quests: ❔ What could I do tomorrow that is high leverage? and ❔ What do I want to sleep on?

Any breakthrough insights last night?

  • Based on what you wanted to sleep on, do you haave any further insights?


  • Connects to our self-affirmations database to help you find an affirmation that helped our family when they were going through similar feelings / situations.

What one thing could I do, that I would do, to make life a little better?

  • If I could focus on accomplishing one thing today, what would it be?

When, where, and how will I embark on my plan?

  • What will be my actionable steps to ensure this happens?

What is something new I will experiment today?

  • How can I be adventurous today?

What skill shall I practice today?

  • Out of the options in my skills & tracker database, what should I work on today?

What are the opportunities for learning and growth today?

  • What are the 5 moments today that I think I can learn from?

Fill in below AFTER the moment to save your progress!

Amor Fati - What did I love about this experience?

Learning - How did this make me better?

Action - What am I going to do next?

If you want to add new prompts, learn how to edit database templates.

Replenish Your Dates

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