Thank you for investing in yourself. We appreciate your support, and look forward to helping you hack your brain and hopefully understand yourself a lot more!

We put together this quick guide to help you get started on day 1.

Before Your First Class

Step 1: Find and duplicate the latest version of L-CTRL

  • As a LVL-UP Student, you get 1 year access to L-CTRL, our most comprehensive package to help you take control over your life. You will have received the package in your email upon purchase of the course, and you can also find it again inside your course materials if you ever want to start again from scratch.

Step 2: Join our community & get your role

  • Join our community with the link provided and give us your introductions to get an exclusive LVL-UP Student role which will unlock the server.

  • If you have already joined Guilded and given your intro but don't have the role, message an active moderator letting us know.

Step 3: Read the class brief and RSVP to save your spot

After Your First Class..

Step 1: Engage in discussion

  • After class, it is highly encouraged to join the other students as well as the wider community in chatting about your learnings from the class and any questions you might have. I'm often quite active in the comments!

Step 2: Find your course materials

  • We currently host our course materials and class recordings on Notion. You will be added to the Notion pages based on the email you used to sign up for the course. Access the materials here.

  • If you have trouble still, private message me your email and I'll get you sorted!

Step 3: Do your class assignment

  • The homework is self-paced, but it is required to complete your assignment before joining the next class. When you show your work, you earn the opportunity to get feedback on your growth journey and connect with others who may be on similar life paths.

  • See other submissions and hand in your assignment in W1 - Show Your Work

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Thank you for helping our family level up!

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