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A good goal answers WHY. The goal sets a clear direction and is inspiring. It defines the key reason why you are working on related projects and tasks.

If you're familiar with OKRs, you can consider the goal the objective.

Your why should be influenced by...

  1. Areas - Where can you improve next?

  2. Values - What do you believe in?

  3. Fears - What's a fear that drives you?


  • Be happy

  • Build stronger family bonds

  • Get further in my career

Think of yourself as a founder, or a visionary when defining your goals. They are abstract, idealistic, but inspire great momentum. Leave the specifics to the key results.


When you start a goal, here are the best practices we recommend in setting up your properties. Make sure your core properties are filled out!


  • Within your area of competence, how impactful will this goal be?

Do Date

  • Set a range of dates to indicate when the goal will start and end

  • Try to keep your goals within 1 - 2 quarters. It gives us an intentional moment to ensure the next cycle of goals are successful

Due Date (Optional)

  • I would recommend not using this for personal goals

Areas (Goals Only)

  • Assign an area that the goal belongs to.

Be Intentional Specific Properties

  • Areas / Values (Goals Only) = Relate your goal to an Area of Competency

  • Fears (Goals Only) = Relate to fears that will motivate you to complete the goal.

Gamification Specific Properties

  • Difficulty # = Leave blank unless you know how much effort this goal will take.

  • Tags = Huge Win 🚀


Use templates to help you autofill important properties and generate convenient tables in the page body to help you easily add downstream / upstream items.

TIP: It is always much easier to add new relational items from the tables generated in the page than from the properties.

Working On Your Goals

I always recommend picking a few goals to focus on each month. This is what the Focus property is for, and the best template that utilizes this feature is our review cycles.



  • OKR stands for objectives and key results. It's a methodology heavily practiced by Amazon, Google, Facebook, and other teams and individuals to align on a bigger picture and move forward together.

  • When applied in a business setting, all team members involved gain a clear appreciation of company goals and how their team and individual can contribute towards that.

  • If you are able to use OKRs effectively in your personal life, you will be able to align and connect all your daily tasks to your overarching goals easily and efficiently.


Accelerate Business Growth With OKRs | Set Goals With OKRs

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