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Projects answer HOW and are experiments that take you closer to achieving your outcomes.


  • Kickoff Marketing Project

  • AI Course

  • Build Website

Imagine yourself as the project manager. You have all these outcomes that you need to deliver, and you need to find out the most efficient way to solve them. You will do the required research to become a domain expert and experiment with the how.

The beauty of having such a system is that whenever you want to teach someone how you accomplished a particular outcome, you can confidently share the exact projects and tasks that have contributed towards that success.


When you set up a project, here are the best practices we recommend in setting up your properties. Make sure your core properties are filled out!


  • Between all the projects for the upstream key result, how impactful will this project be?

Do Date

  • Set a range of dates for when this project will start and stop. Don't be tempted to make the project extremely long. Keep it to 1-2 months max. If you think the project will take longer than that, think about how you can break it up.

Due Date (Optional)

  • I would recommend not using this for personal projects.

Be Intentional Specific Properties

  • Sub-Areas (Projects Only) = Set if the upstream is a master or tracker.

  • Research (Projects Only) = Research that will be useful for this project.

  • Recurring Tasks (Projects Only) = Recurring tasks that move the project forward.

Gamification Specific Properties

  • Difficulty # = Leave blank

  • Tags = Leave blank, because the contribution is in the sum of the tasks


Use templates to help you autofill important properties and generate convenient tables in the page body to help you easily add downstream / upstream items.

TIP: It is always much easier to add new relational items from the tables generated in the page than from the properties.

Working On Your Projects

I always recommend picking a few projects to focus on each week. This is what the Focus property is for, and the best template that utilizes this feature is our review cycles.

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