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When we typically work on tasks, we are not so clear on the end outcome we will accomplish. This is why I like to reimagine my tasks as quests I am embarking on.


  • Write out a draft for XXX

  • Reinstall programs on the computer

  • Reach out to XYZ

Anything that will take effort and time, I will document in my projects and prioritize to ensure I am always working on the highest impact task. While working on each task, I will ensure that I am documenting inside the notes section on each page so that I can always look back and see what was done.


When you set up a task, here are the best practices we recommend in setting up your properties. Make sure your core properties are filled out!


  • Between all the tasks for the upstream project, how impactful will this task be?

Do Date

  • This is the date that you will work on the item. I typically only set this date on the day I start considering it an active quest. I use the Daily Planning dashboard to help me set this easily.

Due Date (Optional)

  • I recommend using this if you have an external deadline for a task

Target # (Optional)

  • Enter your target (eg. if you have to 3 things...).

Completed # (Optional)

  • Enter where you're at (eg. 1, 2).

  • Keep increasing this number as you get closer and closer to your target.

  • You will notice that the progress bar will also increase by the same increment.

Be Intentional Specific Properties (Optional)

  • Energy (Tasks Only) = This indicates how much energy this task will take.

Gamification Specific Properties

  • Difficulty # = How difficult is the task at hand? This number dictates the multiplier that you should be rewarded by. For eg. if the tag was a 25 min task, and you indicated a difficulty of 3, this means that it took you 1.5 hours to complete.

  • Tags = 25 Min Tasks / 5 Min Tasks.


Use templates to help you autofill important properties and generate convenient tables in the page body to help you easily add downstream / upstream items.

TIP: It is always much easier to add new relational items from the tables generated in the page than from the properties.

Working On Your Tasks

I always recommend picking a few tasks to focus on each day. This is what the Do Date property is for, and the best template that utilizes this feature is our Daily Planning.

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