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The quarterly review was built to help you determine the values and areas you will grow this quarter, based on direction you'd like to set for your life.

Then at the end of the quarter, easily look back on your highlights to appreciate how your quarter went and determine if the efforts you've made have helped you move forward.

I like to spend at least 1 hour on this review because I've found that the time spent has an exponential return on my efficiency and mental health.


Use templates to help you generate convenient tables in the page body to help you access specific parts of the system to have a conducive review.

Starting the Month | Ending The Month

Starting The Month

First, decide which day you will be conducting your quarterly review. Personally, I prefer Sundays because after I conduct my review, I can share my wins and struggles in our Sunday Council Meeting.

Doing so will create a new entry in your quarterly review database, with a lot of important views in the page body that we will need.

Fill in the appropriate dates for your quarter.

Q1 = Jan 1 - Mar 31

Q2 = Apr 1 - Jun 30

Q3 = July 1 - Aug 31

Q4 = Sep 1 - Dec 31

Feel free to give your quarter a theme, if you have any. I generally like to wait until the end of the quarter to retroactively apply a theme based on what happened, but it depends on the way you work!

Then, we want to set this quarter's focus. There are a few important sections to note.

My Fantastic 6

Choose 3 Areas and 3 Values that we want to focus on for this quarter from our Areas of Competence. Drag your choices to the list below the gallery view, which will automatically set the relation for Focused in Q...

Ending The Month

When we end the month, we surface important data from our system to help us make an objective summary of how the month went, without the recency bias. Write down your thoughts about the month in the Notes property after reviewing your highlights, sub-areas, and recent wins.


This showcases important information from your quarter which includes notes from each month. You can easily customize this view to pull specific data you are tracking from your daily quests (eg. mood, output, etc.).

What are the areas of my life that I want to consistently improve?

See all the areas that you have and ask yourself...



Am I making meaningful progress?

Review Goals

Am I tracking my progress well?

Review Sub-areas

What are the skills and talents I should be nurturing?

Review Skills and Talents

What are the values I hold dear in my life that I want to stand by?

See all the values that you have and ask yourself...



What does this value mean to me?

Review What Defines This?

Am I operating in line with my values?

Review Sub-areas


  • Dates = The date range of this quarter.

  • Months = Relates to monthly review.

  • Areas of Focus = Relates to areas of competence.

  • Notes = Share your thoughts about the quarter.

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