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The month review was built to help you gain clarity over what goals and key results you would like to accomplish this month, based on the decisions made in your quarterly review.

Then at the end of the month, easily look back on your weekly reflections and wins to appreciate how your month went so you can use real data to help you make better decisions for the next month and make faster iterations.

I like to spend at least 1 hour on this review because I've found that the time spent has an exponential return on my efficiency and mental health.


Use templates to help you generate convenient tables in the page body to help you access specific parts of the system to have a conducive review.

Starting the Month | Ending The Month

Starting The Month

First, decide which day you will be conducting your monthly review. Personally, I prefer Sundays because after I conduct my review, I can share my wins and struggles in our Sunday Council Meeting.

Doing so will create a new entry in your monthly review database, with a lot of important views in the page body that we will need.

Fill in the appropriate dates for your month, depending on the day you start. In this example, I selected between Monday (Apr 5, 2021) to Sunday (May 2, 2021). I also related the month to Q2 2021, which we created in our quarterly review.

Feel free to give your month a theme, if you have any. I generally like to wait until the end of the month to retroactively apply a theme based on what happened, but it depends on the way you work!

Then, we want to set this month's focus. There are a few important sections to note.

Reference: Areas and Values This Quarter

In our quarterly review, we had decided on 3 Areas and 3 Values that we want to focus on for this quarter from our Areas of Competence.

Because it was determined through a relational property, we will need to set the filter for Focused In Q... to the quarter for this month, which in this example, was Q2 2021.

This will be important for us to determine which sub-areas and goals we should pay more attention to this month.

Sub-Areas To Work On

Based on the areas and values in focus, determine which sub-areas could use additional care this month. The easiest way to do this is to click on one of the areas / values in focus, and then checking "In Progress".

Goals / Key Results To Work On

Keeping the first toggle open, I re-organize the board view for the success plan to match the areas that are in focus first.

Optional Customization (Requested by Annual Supporter Abdel)

You can also set a filter to easily filter for the goals that have an upstream relation to Areas that are currently in focus. See how I did it here.

To indicate which goals I want to work on, I can either set the Status to In Progress or set the Do Date to be by the end of the month. Spend some time to also flesh out 2-3 key results for each goal.

Ending The Month

When we end the month, we surface important data from our system to help us make an objective summary of how the month went, without the recency bias. Write down your thoughts about the month in the Notes property after reviewing your highlights, sub-areas, and recent wins.


This showcases important information from your month which includes...

  • Mood trends

  • Productivity via output

  • Average sleep hours

  • World clouds

  • Key habits tracked

  • Notes from each week

You can easily customize this template to pull specific data you are tracking from your daily quests (eg. glucose levels, stress levels, etc.).

Review Sub-Areas

See all the sub-areas that you have indicated in progress and uncheck them if you are satisfied with their review.

This Month's Wins

See all the wins you had this month. You can change the sort to find out...

Sort by Type

How many goals and key results do I accomplish per month?

Sort by Closing Date

Which weeks am I most productive?

Sort by Focus / Upstream Focus

Was I focused this month? Did I finish items that related to the focuses I set?


  • Date = The date range of this month.

  • Quarter = Relates to quarterly review.

  • Weeks = Relates to weekly review.

  • Notes = Share your thoughts about the month.

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