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Why did we build this template?

  • We want to be able to manage our recurring tasks in Notion

  • We want a way to ensure that we are not letting our obligations pile up.

  • We want to be motivated and interested to tackle our recurring tasks

What does it do?

  • Keeps track of our recurring tasks in one place with sorting for the day of the week, and frequency (week, month, quarter).

  • Easy integration with success plan so we can keep track of completed tasks and subsequent XP/gold rewards.

How does it work?


  • Frequency = Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly.

  • Day Of The Week = Monday to Sunday. I use 0,1,2, etc as prefixes for easy sorting.

Special Properties

  • Upstream (Success Plan) = Relation to Success Plan (Projects).

  • Upstream (Sub-Areas) = Relation to Areas Of Competence (Sub-Areas).

Calculation Properties

  • Today Check = Determines if the day of the week matches today.

Recommended Views

  • Kanban View (Useful for planning out your recurring tasks over a week)

  • List View (Useful to pull from your recurring tasks into your success plan).

Using Recurring Tasks

Inside your dashboard for Daily Planning, we have a very convenient view for recurring tasks inside your quest board. The default view has filters that will automatically show you the recurring tasks you have to do for that day.

If you want to see tasks for all of the days or want to re-plan out your tasks, you can switch from Today's Tasks to Week View.

Schedule these tasks as you normally would by dragging them into your success plan (active quests).

Important - drag the task into the page first, and then into the success plan database. This is to ensure that you don't add unnecessary properties to your success plan.

When you drag the task into your success plan, the filters will apply the adequate properties to the task and you can plan out the task as normal and complete it in the adequate timeblock in Keep It Simple.

Advanced Hack: Save the properties for your recurring tasks

Let's say that you have a recurring task that is always going to have an upstream of a specific project, and you already know it will have you 3x25 min. You can set those properties in the success plan, and instead of just completing it right away, drag a copy into the "Replenish Your Workflows - Global Block)".

Then, you can use the template button to regenerate those tasks, put them into your recurring tasks database so that when you pull from there again, they will already have the specific properties pre-filled.

This is quite an advanced topic. If I can be more helpful for your understanding, simply let me know and I'll release a video!

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