We use voice and streaming channels to chat in real-time within the community to help us level up. Feel free to join one that matches your needs!

Please follow our social contract while engaging in the community.

Finding that others can't hear you? How to fix common mic issues.

Thoughts Exchange

A laid-back space to have meaningful discussions with fellow family members.

  • Talk about new ideas

  • Work together on projects

  • Stream your screen if you have something to present

  • Use voice or chat to discuss, whichever you are comfortable!

Co-Working Channels

A great place to get accountability to be productive.

  • Synchronize your pomodoros with other members and take breaks together.

  • Share what you are working on and get fresh ideas.

  • Stream your screen if you want to be extra accountable.

The Library

A quiet space to work silently in the company of others.

  • Members play soft cafe music (mutable) to set the ambiance.

  • We keep our mic muted throughout, and keep chatting to a minimum.

The Matchmaker

Get curated introductions to other family members and have a chat!

  • Make introductions to members that you think should connect!

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Thank you for helping our family level up!

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