Maybe you're currently using L-CTRL to take control of your life, and you decide that you also want to learn how to save and grow wealth. You've purchased both templates, and now you want to know - what's next? How can they talk to each other?

Bringing together templates from different packages is extremely simple. Feel free to watch this 5-minute video where I go in-depth about how this works, or follow the written instructions below.

Step 1: Decide which package you are going to use to house all the templates in

  • This will usually be the package that has the most up-to-date templates, or already has existing data you want to keep.

Step 2: Add (NEW) or (MASTER) to the System Setup and System databases

  • This is to help you distinguish between your databases when you move items from one database to another.

Step 3: Go into the packages you want to take templates from, and move the tutorials and databases to their respective databases.

  • Remember to move both tutorial and system, so you can maintain the experience.

Step 4: Check your work by going to the master package and checking the Build Your Own Dashboard and Backend.

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