Current Version: Initial Release v.04 [ALPHA]

Release Notes - June, 12, 2021

Connect Your Notion Workspace (Success Plan)

🔗 Add your Notion credentials and set which wins you want to connect with the app

🔗 Completed entries are displayed in a table on your player dashboard

🔗 Wins are updated every minute so you never miss a celebration

Enjoy An Immersive Game Experience

🎮 Personalize your character by entering your display name and custom avatar

🎮 Each win is automatically assigned gold and exp which builds up your character

🎮 Earn dynamic rewards with modifiers for types of wins and punctuality

Start Multiplayer For Personal Development

🤝 Leaderboard keeps you updated on everybody's stats and latest wins

🤝 Get a popup for new wins that you can screenshot to your friends

🤝 Send a notification to the community for wins you want to announce

Expectations Up Front

  • We are currently issuing early releases for our patrons to be the first to benefit.

  • This is an ALPHA version. This means that the app may be unstable and buggy.

  • We will do our best to keep 99.9% uptime, but it may go down from time to time.

  • We have multiple privacy measures in place, but do note that until we reach full release, we cannot completely guarantee the safety of your data.

❌ Don't

  • Spread the login URL with anybody else until our official release

  • Share explicit content in the applications or in the connected Notion databases

✅ Do's

  • Level up your character and watch your stats fly!

  • Have lots of fun sharing your wins and watching your friends level up!

  • Give us feedback inside the community! We are building for you, and we're really excited to see what features you want us to work on next!


Step 1: Make An Account

If you are an active patron, you can get the link to the app from your email or inside the VIP Patron Space in our community. Use any email to sign up!

Step 2: Get Your Notion API Integration Key

First, enter a display name that you'd like. This name will show up on the leaderboard, so be sure that it is appropriate.

Next, watch the video to learn how to get your Notion API Integration Key. It should start with [secret_...] When you have it, enter it in!

Step 3: Give the integration access to your success plan

Make sure you give the integration access to your success plan (or else we won't be able to display your wins!). Don't worry, we won't pull any data without your permission.

Step 4: Get Your Success Plan Database ID

Grab the database id by simply grabbing the URL of the database. Paste that into the form and you're good to go!

Paste both items into the application to continue.

Step 5: Share Wins With The Family!

Your player won't be initialized until you send a win to the app. You can do this by checking 'Share With Family?' on any completed win. The app will take a minute or two to update your information and pull your wins.

Once you're done, you should be able to see your new avatar on the leaderboard (on the home page) and also on your player page.

What to watch out for - and let us know about!

  • Formatting - we haven't tested with all edge cases, so there is a high possibility that you'll come across some weird bug we haven't seen before.

  • Weird bugs, graphics glitching out, seeing things that you aren't meant to see

  • We'll have new updates pushing out constantly. If you want to be part of the creative process, join us over on Guilded where we'll talk about new features!

Legacy Integrations

We have another connection between Notion and our community space. These are functionalities that will be migrated over to our application.

If you'd have any thoughts or feedback to improve this article, please enter your contributions via the chatbot on the bottom right of the screen.

Thank you for helping our family level up!

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