In previous versions of our templates, we helped you pre-populate our dailies pre-populated, so every time we wanted to track our habits and do bullet journaling, we would browse the database for the date we are on that day & make a new entry.

Over time, we realized that this was not the most optimal solution, because:

  • It made it really hard for anyone to catch up with the dailies if we fail to keep a consistent record of the daily quests.

  • Getting up after not being consistent gets easier when you don't have all the empty dates in front of you and the associated guilt.

So, we've come up with a way for you to create the entries you need only on the days you need it (hopefully daily!) to encourage you to keep up your streak.


For the daily quest view you are using, make sure you have the filter for 'Wake Up Time' is Today. This will ensure new entries will auto default the date to the day you are making the new entry.

Then, simply create a new entry in the daily quest database by pressing new. You'll notice the date is automatically pre-filled for you.

Then, type "@today" in the name property and select the auto-filled date so that the title field will automatically update for the relative date.

We demonstrated how to do this at 12:37 in our livestream!

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