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If you follow the GTD methodology (getting things done), you should be aware that context is absolutely critical. It specifies what you'll need to complete an activity, which could be a location, a tool, or a person. When you give a context to each of your actions, it becomes much easier to decide what the next action should be, because your to-do list will be narrowed to only those acts that can be executed in the context in which you are presently.

So, how do we make the most of contexts in Notion in order to increase efficiency and productivity? Is there a property that functions in the same way?

We full recommend using recommend using Sub-Types to assign contexts like work, school, etc. This is an included property in your system, and you simply need to add another item inside the multi-select to fulfill your needs. The best thing is, you can also filter on these options later on in your views so you can have clarity over what needs to be done, when, and where.

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