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My Fantasy World+ - [Daily Quests] Habit Tracker & Bullet Journal

All the work you put into each day in pursuit of constant improvement. At a glance, see how your week went by, and see important details from your reflections.

Love our systems and want to understand how it works? We’ve broken down all of the parts that make up each dashboard so that everyone has the ability to deconstruct, re-create, and extend their dashboards as they wish.

What’s In This Section?

Each dashboard has a primary functionality that it fulfills, and breaks down into sub-sections to fulfill that use-case. Each section serves one core functionality via multiple views and / or widgets.


Core Functionality

Get a clear picture of all the work you do each day and identify the trends in your reflection so you can continuously find methods to improve yourself.


Sub-Section 1: Daily Habits

Keep track of your progress and be easily reminded of the habits you've established thus far.

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Sub-Section 2: Energy Management

Know how to preserve your energy by keeping track of how much you started with, when to add energy when you rest or take breaks, and how to use it throughout the day.

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Sub-Section 3: Energy Rejuvenation

Use this section to recharge yourself and replenish the energy you've expended.

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If you'd like a personalized approach, we offer 1-on-1 support with setting up your system from scratch and customization of your system to fit your unique life.

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