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My Fantasy World+ - [Leaderboard] Status

See how you’re progressing in life through your stats.

Love our systems and want to understand how it works? We’ve broken down all of the parts that make up each dashboard so that everyone has the ability to deconstruct, re-create, and extend their dashboards as they wish.

What’s In This Section?

Each dashboard has a primary functionality that it fulfills, and breaks down into sub-sections to fulfill that use-case. Each section serves one core functionality via multiple views and / or widgets.


Core Functionality

Your stats will show you how you've progressed thus far and how you might motivate others or yourself by drawing on their recent wins.


Sub-Section 1:

You can monitor your own progress as well as the progress of the other party members in this section.

Notion image
Notion image

Sub-Section 2:

Toggling between active and sleeping pets provides a quick snapshot of your pets' status and health, allowing you to see how you're doing with your daily quests, reflections, and so on.

Notion image

Sub-Section 3:

By switching between these two views, you can see who is active in your party and see all of your party members.

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