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Notion 101

Familiarize yourself with Notion,.

We’ve compiled helpful tutorials from Notion to help you get familiar with the all-in-one productivity tool.

What is Notion?


Basic Training (Must Watch)


Quick Find - The Timesaver


The / (Must Watch)


Mentions @ & Reminders



instead of manually typing out the same structure and content for every new page, you can use database templates to automate your processes and save some time.


Find the view that suits you! (ultimate notion hack)


Advanced Videos - For my productivity nerds!

(seriously watch at your own risk.. its a productivity worm hole.)


What’s Next?

Fast Track Your Mastery

Learn the principles behind our systems with our 4-week boot camp designed to help you go from zero to hero with being intentional and gamifying your life.

If you'd like a personalized approach, we offer 1-on-1 support with setting up your system from scratch and customization of your system to fit your unique life.

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