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Can I Use PayPal For One-Time Purchases?

Accepted Payment Methods: One-Time Purchase (PayPal)

Co-x3 is a space of co-creation and collaboration built for the community. Your support means the 🌎 to us, and keeps this project going. Thank you! ♥

We believe in sharing openly so we can co-create and collaborate to maximize shared knowledge and experiences. Our work has been made 100x better with the thoughtful contributions of our amazing Co-x3 Family.


We believe that growth-minded thinkers experience drastic life improvements and bring positive impacts on the world when they:

  1. Grow their knowledge with best practices and fundamentals.
  1. Are equipped with systems to take action on their learning.
  1. Have a community to never struggle alone.

Thus, we support our patrons by providing meaningful and relevant tools to support them on their growth journey. We've spent countless hours into R&D to build systems to help every member in our community live a better life.


One-Time Purchase (PayPal)

If you prefer written instructions, read below!


1. Click on this link:

2. Click on the button that says, 'Our Toolbox'.


3. Scroll down, and choose the tool or system you wish to get to level up.


4. On the right side of the page, make sure to check the drop down list for different versions before clicking on 'Add to Cart'.


5. Click on 'Pay with PayPal' and enter your log in credentials to proceed.


6. Then, click on 'Continue' to proceed.


7. Enter all the information in the mandatory fields and click 'Place Order' to complete the checkout page.


8. You should be able to receive a confirmation email of your purchase and steps how to access the download materials.

If you have reached this part, congratulations! We really appreciate the support you've given our community. If there's anything else we can do to help your growth journey, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Happy adventuring, and kudos to you for striving to level up!

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