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How Do I Customize My Dashboard?

What can I do with my dashboards to make it fit my needs better?

Have clarity on your purposes for each dashboard to ensure you are focused on what matters most.

Love our systems and want to understand how it works? We’ve broken down all of the parts that make up each dashboard so that everyone has the ability to deconstruct, re-create, and extend their dashboards as they wish. We present this information in a Blueprint.



Each dashboard has a primary functionality that it fulfills, and breaks down into multiple sections to fulfill that use-case. For each functionality, there are must haves, nice to haves, and delighters. It fulfils these functions through specific database views and auxiliary widgets, wherever applicable.

Section …
1. What is the main purpose of this section? Must have 2. What is the secondary purpose of this section? Nice to have 3. What is the tertiary purpose of this section? Delighter
Database View
- View Name 1 - View Name 2 - View Name …
Auxiliary Widgets
- Widget 1 - Widget 2 - Widget …


For each dashboard, we’ve usually created all of the sections you would need to be effective for your primary function. If you feel that you have functionalities that are not handled by the existing sections, feel free to make new sections. Try to keep the number of total sections to 5.


Database View

Each view that is included in the database is a synced view. This means that whenever you make a change to the view - the sort, filter, properties shown, or type; the change will be reflected anywhere else this synced view is present.

Learn about Database Views In Notion →


You can find more pre-built views for you inside each of our components that you can take and add to any of your Notion pages.


Auxiliary Widgets

We may use third party widgets to help us achieve the functionality that the section requires.

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