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How Do I Upgrade From The Free Version To The Enhanced Version Of My Systems?

I loved the free versions so much, and I’ve just bought the enhanced version. Now what?

When you make the decision to support the community and upgrade to a paid system, you are making conscious choice to level up your tools to help you on your growth journey.

When you upgrade to the enhanced version of your system, you get the following:

  • New Tutorials
  • New and Enhanced Components
  • New Dashboards

Thus, we highly recommend that you migrate your data to the latest version of the system, as the enhanced versions are much more robust, and most likely already include the customizations you’ve built for yourself.


Alternatively, if you haven’t done much work on the free version yet - you can just start from scratch with the enhanced version as they will most likely give you more detailed use cases and help enhance the quality of the data you will be entering into the system.

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