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What Are The Accepted Payment Methods for the Co-x3 Toolbox?

Does Co-x3 support credit cards, paypal, cryptocurrency, bank wire, etc.?

Co-x3 is a space of co-creation and collaboration built for the community. Your support means the 🌎 to us, and keeps this project going. Thank you! ♥

We believe in sharing openly so we can co-create and collaborate to maximize shared knowledge and experiences. Our work has been made 100x better with the thoughtful contributions of our amazing Co-x3 Family.


We believe that growth-minded thinkers experience drastic life improvements and bring positive impacts on the world when they:

  1. Grow their knowledge with best practices and fundamentals.
  1. Are equipped with systems to take action on their learning.
  1. Have a community to never struggle alone.

Thus, we support our patrons by providing meaningful and relevant tools to support them on their growth journey. We've spent countless hours into R&D to build systems to help every member in our community live a better life.


Payment Method
One-Time Purchase (Credit/Debit Card)
Credit and Debit Cards are accepted for all one-time purchases
One-Time Purchase (PayPal)
PayPal is accepted for all one-time purchases.
Subscription (PayPal)
PayPal is only accepted for annual subscription of Co-x3 tier.
We do not currently support this option at this time.
Bank Wire
We do not currently support this option at this time.
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