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How Do I RSVP For Events?

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Once you've joined the community, see what's coming up on our events calendar.


In the top right, you can change views of the calendar to fit your needs.

  1. Choose to have times displayed in your local timezone, or in Eastern Time
  1. Choose between a month or upcoming view.

Understanding the calendar

We've color-coded the calendar to make it easy for you to know what events are available to you.


Blue - Open to Public

Yellow - Exclusive for family members

Green - Lessons for LVL-UP Course

Purple - Discussions for team members


RSVP for events

Click on an event you are interested in, and a window will pop up showing you more details. Click on anywhere on the card to expand, or click join to save your spot!


Attend the event

When the event starts, click join chat...


Or click on the link that is provided for the event.



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