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How to fix common mic issues on Guilded?

Finding the nobody can hear you in streaming / voice channels?


Set Your Voice Settings

Head over to your user settings but clicking the cog icon in the bottom left corner


Navigate to the Voice and video section. Here you can test your mic, set your keybinds (if you want to use push-to-talk), and set up your camera if you have one.


Select your microphone and speakers/headset from the dropdown lists.


You can also test your mic and adjust your volume using the sliders.


Check your volume here. If it's too loud for you, it's probably too loud for everyone else.


If your preference is voice activity, you can manually adjust your sensitivity or allow the app to do it for you by toggling on Automatically determine input sensitivity.


If using Push-to-talk, set your preferred keybind here.


Additional keybinds can be assigned if the role has the correct permissions.


You can set your keybinds directly in a voice channel from the right-hand panel.


Audio features

  • Echo cancellation: Preventing echos from being captured or created
  • Noise suppression: Suppresses background noise from your mic
  • Auto gain control: Enables voice normalization

If you have a camera, select your camera from the drop-down list and test your feed.



In voice channels, you can chat directly with anyone, without speaking to the whole group, with just the press of a hotkey. You can whisper to any combination of members, and you can have multiple whisper hotkeys active at once.


Joining Voice Channels

Click on any of the rooms to join the channel!


Joining Streaming Channels

Click on the speaker icon highlighted in red.



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