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What Are Areas?

You will be able to keep track of your progress in this section as you work toward achieving your most significant life goals and achieving a healthy balance in the various aspects of your life.

There are probably 6-9 areas of your life that you believe could be improved, and if you were to pass away tomorrow, the ones that you would most want to be remembered for are the ones that fall into this category.

What Are Areas?

The areas ensure that you are extremely organized in your approach to how your everyday work and behaviors create value towards your overall life direction.


When you build up a game character, you often level up in certain attributes like STR, LUK, DEX, helping you get better and better at the specific tasks that you want to do. This is the same concept we are bringing over to the real world. Think of your areas of competence like your character stats. These are the areas that you want to be known for and will indefinitely grow over the course of your life. This fully customizable database lets you define your own areas, and make them the driving force of your life.


If you died tomorrow, and someone stopped by your funeral and asked: "What was this person known for?" - what do you want your family and friends to say?


Your areas should answer the big WHY behind any action you take. They are indefinite parts of your life (eg. you can never be 100% done with health or knowledge), and act as motivators for you to continuously work on anything downstream.


When you think about areas, ask yourself. What are the areas that...

  1. Define your life?
  1. You would pursue passionately?
  1. You would spend a lifetime pursuing excellence?

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