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What Are Values?

What can I expect if I use values?

This is where you define what values are important to you and ensure that all the work you do in your success plan is guided by the fundamental principles in which you choose to live by.

What are Values?

Values are super important to defining the way that you'll do your work. Always keep in mind that your values can help you change the way you live. It's something you can keep getting better at with consistent practice.


A problem can be resolved in numerous ways. Your approach to taking action to attain a goal is determined by the values you hold. You should clearly state your values so that you may assess your progress in upholding your beliefs and identify the values you would like to strengthen.


Just like Areas, these are indefinite parts of your life, and you will attempt to live by them day after day. To help you find your core values, we've included an exercise from CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) within our template.

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