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How Do I Favourite My Notion Pages?

Want to access the same pages repeatedly without having to search?

Favouriting a page puts it one click away at the top of your sidebar. Let's say you're working on a temporary project, you can pin the resources you need here, then remove them when you're done 📍

Add & remove favourites

  • To add a page to your favourites, navigate to it, then click the Favorite button at the top right of your Notion window. You'll see it appear under Favorites in your sidebar.
  • To remove a page from your favourites, either go to it and re-click the Favorite button to uncheck it. Or, hover over the page in your sidebar and click the •• icon that appears (or right click). You'll see the option to Remove from Favorites.

Hide favourites

Even if you have favourites, you can collapse that section of your sidebar. Just click on the heading that says Favorites to hide or reveal your favourite pages.


On mobile

The mechanism for favouriting pages is a little different on mobile.

  • To favourite a page, click on the •• icon at the top right.
  • Tap on Add to Favorites.
  • To remove a favorite, click on the icon at the top left of any page.
  • Click the •• icon to the right of the favorited page. Tap Remove from Favorites.
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