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How Do I Share My Improvements With The Community?

I’ve figured out something awesome and I want to share!

Sharing is caring. When you share your changes, you are extending your knowledge to someone else in the community who has similar needs, get their valuable feedback, and improve your system at the same time.

Depending on what you want to contribute, there’s a few ways for you to get involved.

I have a proposed improvement to the system

We highly recommend you share first to our forum, so the entire community can chat about your improvements and have a chance to collaborate!

Start a thread
Start a thread here.

You can also tune in to our Friday livestreams and share with us your innovations LIVE! It's a highly educational experience where you'll learn the process behind how our systems are built. By joining us live, you'll get to influence the next build to be more personalized and beneficial for your growth journey.

Tune in every Friday at 9pm EST.
Tune in every Friday at 9pm EST.

I have improvements to the documentation

If you have an improvement to an existing component or dashboard, you can comment on specific articles in the academy by clicking the link at the bottom of the relevant page. This may include:

  • General typos and grammar improvements
  • Modifications to the blueprints
  • Improved answers to frequently asked questions
  • & more.

We really appreciate your inputs - and we’ll try our best to integrate your improvements as soon as we can!

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