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What Are Components?

Tell me more about components!

Building a system for a better life is a huge endeavor, because we have so many workflows and information to track in our lives.

Why Components?

We’ve broken down our huge systems into their individual parts to modularize the system and make it easy for you to manage.


Each component is made up of databases, which is where the data is stored. Every entry in the database represents a new item of this component. Databases organize data with properties and enhances our data definition - so that we can understand more about each entry.

Each database also has templates auto-filling data and properties for common use cases. Finally, data is presented via views for common use cases.

You can access your components in every system that you obtain from our toolbox via the System Navigation.

Home Page
Home Page
Components Overview
Components Overview
Specific Component
Specific Component

You can easily access the Tutorials relevant for the component, useful views that you can take anywhere in your workspace to interact with this component, and the original database where the data lives.


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In the Academy, we’ve broken down all of the parts that make up each component so that everyone has the ability to deconstruct, re-create, and extend their components as they wish. We want to make sure everybody in our community has the opportunity to benefit from our systems, and improve them as they wish.


What’s Next?

Fast Track Your Mastery

Learn the principles behind our systems with our 4-week boot camp designed to help you go from zero to hero with being intentional and gamifying your life.

If you'd like a personalized approach, we offer 1-on-1 support with setting up your system from scratch and customization of your system to fit your unique life.

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