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What Are Tutorials?

How can I get the core knowledge needed to succeed with the template?

Find all the help you need to get started with any component within minutes.

Why Tutorials?

We believe that if you start off with the right foundation, you are better equipped to tackle any challenges ahead of you. Think of it like the tutorial island in any game - if you skip it, you can miss learning a core mechanic that will save 80% of your time in the rest of your playthrough. Each tutorial comes with short written and video instructions - concise and to the point, so you can quickly get to your adventure.


Gamified Tutorials

Available for Gamify Your Life and L-CTRL.

We've spent hundreds of hours developing an intuitive, easy-to-follow adventure which enables you to pick your own path - so you can embark on an engaging and rewarding growth journey to level up your life, together with your friends and family.


Choose paths that fits you best to get a customized journey that fits you just right.

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Complete missions to master the systems the recommended way - in a piecemeal approach designed to help you not get overwhelmed and learn the necessary fundamentals to succeed in your growth journey.

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Traditional Tutorials

Available for Be Intentional, Creator’s Toolkit, Growth Wealth


If gamification isn’t your thing - don’t worry, you’ll still have access to written and video instructions, presented in a more traditional format. Go through them at your own pace and follow the recommended order for the best results.

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What’s Next?

Fast Track Your Mastery

Learn the principles behind our systems with our 4-week boot camp designed to help you go from zero to hero with being intentional and gamifying your life.

If you'd like a personalized approach, we offer 1-on-1 support with setting up your system from scratch and customization of your system to fit your unique life.

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