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Why Did We Build The Co-x3 Toolbox?

The Co-x3 Toolbox offers the ultimate set of tools for your personal growth and development.

It's time to take action on your learning.

  • Knowledge today is ubiquitous but there is not enough education on how to make the things you learn useful in your life. You can google anything but most results will focus on what. We want to provide you with the why and how.
  • Why in the form of first principles, the fundamental building blocks of knowledge. And how to make that learning actionable in your life through systems. Systems transform understanding of fundamental principles into actionable steps.
  • For each of our systems, we have baked in thousands of hours of relevant expertise from great thinkers and doers out there, to ensure that all the knowledge that they are sharing are baked into our systems.

How we serve.

  • Our hypothesis is that many of us go through life wanting to learn more, but the best way to retain knowledge is through experiential learning - meaning that we are putting to action what we have learned. It's not always easy to put an action plan right after learning all these different ways of organizing information and different mental models, and thus we have innovated on how we can deliver a meaningful experience for our community to be able to take action on your learning.
  • Here, you’ll get access to a huge collection of our best Notion templates and systems that have helped thousands of our community members live with intention, improve productivity, and make work fun. Hopefully, by discovering our way, you learn how to create your way.
  • For each of our systems, you'll find detailed information on all of the conceptual ideas behind them so that you can understand from the ground up the intention and philosophy behind our systems, and also get all the technical knowledge and training you need to have mastery over the technical parts of the system.
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