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Why Do We Use Notion?

What makes the all-in-one productivity tool so special?

I started my journey with Notion in November 2019, when I realized that this tool was the key to starting my adventure in gamifying my life, an innovative concept that I've been thinking about for many years.

While working for various software companies and running my own startup, I've used various project management tools like Asana, Trello, Proofhub, Taskade, and many more - and my frustrations were building.


There was never a good tool that enabled me to accomplish what I needed to accomplish - existing tools had too many assumptions over what I needed from their application.


Then, came Notion. These are the features that I use and appreciate the most:

  • Make your own properties (multi-selects, formulas, etc.)
  • Enhanced sharing permissions for collaboration
  • Any page can be made duplicatable to share with friends and family

Forward Thinking

Many of my friends in the Notion Ambassadors community consider Notion as digital paper. I share their sentiment. I have yet to find a similar tool that combines aesthetics and customizability in a similar way.


We've been able to build so many amazing systems to level up our lives with their application (the intended way), while creating awesome tools by hacking their unofficial API like...


We believe the potential of Notion will be truly unlocked with their API access. Ever since the Notion API was launched, we’ve been working on the Make Work Fun app, so that you can celebrate any win inside your Notion workspace.


No Lock-In

At the end of the day, Notion is just a tool. We have designed our systems with the intention that once you learn the fundamentals behind what makes it work, you have the knowledge and skills to make your own system on any application - a spreadsheet, document, or even on physical paper.


Many of you probably have done that already. But building it on Notion enables us to share our tools with each other in our family and continuously collaborate.

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