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An Introduction To The Make Work Fun App

Why did we create the Make Work Fun app?

Gamify your productivity tools and unlock multiplayer for personal development.

In July 2021 we launched the Gamify Your Life Notion template that was a HUGE success in making work fun to build the motivation and focus to get things done. We knew we were onto something when we saw the increased productivity and enjoyment of our community when we could visualize our wins as experience points, gold, and level ups. As we dived more and more into gamification, we realized that we wanted to bring the multiplayer experience we loved from MMORPGs to personal development. My excitement came from questing and slaying monsters together with other players. The combination of adventure and community pushed me to level up faster and help my friends.


What’s Included In This App?

🎮 Gamify any Notion database (works with ALL templates!) 🎮

🏆 Compete with the community for the top spot every season!

🥂 Celebrate your wins in real time and get a randomized reward 🥂

🔗 Custom embeddable components that you can add anywhere 🔗

🐉 Embark on Party Quests with your friends and level up together! 🐉

🏃‍♂️ Build streaks for quests that you complete every day. 🏃‍♂️


Expectations Up Front

  • This is a community project by the Co-x3 Family, and there may be bugs.
  • We will do our best to keep 99.9% uptime, but it may go down from time to time.
  • We have multiple privacy measures in place, but do note that we cannot completely guarantee the safety of your data. If you have questions consult our privacy policy and terms of use.

How Can I Start?

  1. Make A FREE Account
  1. Connect Your Database(s) (Notion Instructions)
  1. Then, level up your character and watch your stats fly!

Have lots of fun sharing your wins and watching your friends level up. And when you’re ready, share your feedback! We are building for you, and we're extremely excited to see what features you want us to work on next!

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