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How can I automatically hand in completed wins to the Make Work Fun app?

Is there a formula that I can set up so that all completed tasks are automatically picked up by the Make Work Fun app?

Want to share ALL your wins to Make Work Fun? Here’s how.

Make Work Fun picks up new wins by first checking if your connected database has a “Share With Family?” property, and then if is true.


We generally recommend users make this property a checkbox, so you can manually decide what wins you want to share with the app in case you have any private information you don’t want to be picked up.


When you check the checkbox property off, it will then be picked up by the Make Work Fun app within 30 seconds - 1 minute, depending on the time that you handed it in. This is regardless of whether or not you have actually completed your task - so make sure you check it off when your Status is Complete.


You can automate this process by making “Share With Family” a formula property instead, and enter the following:

prop("Status") == "Complete"
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This makes it so that whenever you have a “Status” property, that equals to Complete, you will automatically change the “Share With Family” property to true share the win to Make Work Fun, saving you one extra step of checking off the checkbox.


And of course, you can set up the “Share With Family” property to be connected to any other property in this fashion, for any additional unique use cases you might have.

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