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How Do I Get Started With Make Work Fun?

How do I create an account?

What are the steps to get started with

Step 1: Navigate To The Site

  1. Go to
  1. Click Play Now on the top right of your screen.
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Step 2: Create Your Account

1. You have two ways that you can sign up.

  1. Once you confirm your email, you’ll land on your player page.
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Step 3: Your Account

We’ve split your account management into 3 tabs.

  1. Toolbox
    1. We've built a centralized dashboard to help you get access to all your purchases and access all your download links in one place from the Co-x3 Toolbox. Simply ensure that the email that you use with the toolbox is the same as the one you used to make an account on and we’ll do the rest! Learn more →

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  1. Profile
    1. You can customize your display name in your account page and change your password.

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  1. Connect
    1. Connect with productivity tools like Notion.

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