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What are Party Quests In Make Work Fun?

Do tasks with your friends & get extra points!


We built the party quests to bring multiplayer to personal development and help you get the motivation and accountability to get things done. It's the first real way to have co-op for your life adventure, by ensuring that you're never struggling alone. 💖


This is an alpha feature. You may experience bugs from time to time. Please give us advice on how we can improve this feature based on your experience!


Types of Challenges

⏱ Time Challenge

  • Work together with your party members to finish as many wins as you can before the deadline!
  • Compete within your party to be the top-ranking member to earn bonus points.
  • Get showcased and see how you rank against other parties.

🐉 Slay Your Dragon

  • Team up with other players to challenge projects of a similar topic.
  • Be notified when your party members complete tasks related to their projects
  • Benefit from everyone's experience and support as all members strive to grow.

Get Started

  1. Explore parties that sound interesting to you based on their name and description.
  1. Apply to join their party and explore more details about their daily targets and deadlines.


Share the project that you will be tackling to get ready for the challenge.


How It Works

The concept is to employ a Project rather than a Task for your dragon. Tasks that are part of that project will be listed under your project as you finish them.


Here's what you need to keep in mind:

  1. Whenever you join a dragon party, please assign a project that you would like to work on and want to 'slay'. The intention is that you will be focusing on it like defeating a boss, together with your friends who are fighting similar battles.
  1. Whenever you complete a task downstream of that project, you will earn rewards. You can claim daily rewards or move up in the party leaderboard as you complete more and more tasks related to this project.

To be certain, you do not need to hand in the project to finish the dragon, the intention of this party quest is for you to do as much as you can to chip away at the health of the dragon, which you do by completing tasks downstream of the project.



Click I'm Ready! so the party leader can start the challenge!


Then, once everybody is ready, the party leader can start the challenge!

Party Mechanics

The party challenge ends at the specified due date. While you are on your adventure, your health decreases by 1 every day. Recover your health by completing party missions!


You will have various types of party challenges to help you recoup your health and earn extra EXP. Here are some examples that you can look forward to!


Daily Target: The number of wins from Notion that you complete per day. If you are working on a time challenge, this will count towards any wins that you complete. If you are working on a dragon, you must hand in wins that are downstream of your project.


Let your party members know how you're feeling each day about your challenge.


Fighting: "I'm hard at work, motivated to slay this dragon."

Need Healing: "I could use some support on this quest."

Dragon Slain: "The dragon is slain and it's time to celebrate!"


How to be a party leader


You are eligible to become a party leader in our app when you...

  • Reach level 10 overall
  • Earn an average of 500 EXP per day
  • Be an active member in the community
  • Contribute to improvements by actively sharing feedback

When you feel like you are ready, please reach out to Conrad on Guilded.


Features Coming Soon

Low Health

  • When you reach low health, your party members will be notified in order to send you "healing"
  • The player will also be suggested self-care activities that will increase their health

Party Success Metrics

  • Hardcore: All or nothing completion rules (everyone must complete their dragon)
  • Casual: XP payout based on individual performance

Private vs Public Parties

  • Ability to create private parties and invite-only.

Pick A Class

  • Different roles to help the party succeed
    • eg. I want more ______ in my party!
      • Healer/support 🧝 (removes bottlenecks)
      • Carry/reliable 🥷 (delivers results)
      • Mage/experience 🧙 (provides solutions)

Fast Track Your Mastery

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If you'd like a personalized approach, we offer 1-on-1 support with setting up your system from scratch and customization of your system to fit your unique life.

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