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What if my database is currently being shared with multiple people?

This feature allows multiple people to use the same database/system! It allows for multiplayer mode, so people close to you can take charge!


This feature was built for family or team members who share the same databases, and want to have granular control over which wins are synced with their account in the Make Work Fun app.


First, connect your database as normal.

Then, uncheck This is a private database.


You have two options to indicate to the app which wins you want to sync.


Use the credentials when you connect Notion to our application. (Recommended)


or enter a custom Notion User ID... (not Recommended)


Once you save, only the wins with your name in the Collaborator people property of your Notion database will count towards wins for your character in the app.


If you do not have a collaborators property in your database this feature will not work. Please make sure you Save and Test the integration to see if you have any missing properties.

Once its set up, be sure to add the names of all collaborators for every task so everyone gets their share of EXP & Gold!

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